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Behavior Realignment

Behaviour change is a series of small steps taken over time as part of a journey. The goal of that journey may be to reverse unhealthy patterns of behaviour, such as an inactive lifestyle. This workshop will provide you with the tools and tactics to ensure your participants develop and maintain the incentive to create lasting change in their lives.

Outcomes: Develop operational definitions of target behaviours, Describe how the environment influences challenging behaviour, Differentiate between antecedents and consequences and identify examples of them, Explain the different functions that behaviours serve and why it is important to determine the function prior to intervention, Define replacement behaviours and identify appropriate skills to teach using case studies, Discriminate between punishment and extinction and explain the pitfalls of using punishment procedures

Participants learn More Safe Behavior Modification Strategies

In this workshop participants are empowered with safe and respectful behavior realignment tips for preventing problem behavior and effecting positive behavior change. This Behavior Realignment workshop in Toronto teaches participants to gain behavior modification skills to stop problems and foster harmony. While you can't force anyone to do anything, you can guide individuals toward positive behavior modification with safety and respect.

Participants are also taught Connecting consequence to behavior- using some of the suggested consequences and explainging what could happen.

Participants also Learn Procedure for identifying a behavior management plan:

  1. define the target behavior
  2. explore possible causes
  3. brainstorm negative consequences
  4. brainstorm positive reinforcements
  5. define alternative behaviors

Course Outlines for 2-3 day Workshops available on request.

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