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Business Ethics : A Corporate Advantage

Determining value is all Ethics; it's planning on what's worth doing and what doesn't. Business ethics is the way we decide what kind of career to pursue, what choices we make on the job, which companies we want to work with, and what kind of economic world we want to live in and then leave behind for those coming after. There are no perfect answers to these questions, but there's a difference between thinking them through and winging it. The Business Ethics Workshop in Toronto provides a framework for identifying, analysing, and resolving ethical dilemmas encountered through working life.

Individual Values

  • Commitment
  • Competence
  • Candor
  • Courage
  • Loyalty
  • Pride

Standards of Conduct

  • Using position for private gain
  • Preferential treatment
  • Impeding efficiency or economy
  • Losing independence or impartiality
  • Making decisions outside of official channels
  • Adversely affecting the confidence of consumers
  • Counselors


How to resolve dilemmas

  • Understanding terms of reference
    • Morals
    • Beliefs
    • Values
    • Norms
  • Professional business ethics
    • Loyalty
    • Duty
    • Selfless service
    • Integrity
  • Sources of professional principals
    • Ethical decision making
    • The ethical model
    • Ethical filters
    • Ethical responsibilities

Conflicts of interest and general prohibitions

  • Affiliations and financial interests
  • Other dealings and solicitations
  • Accepting honoraria and other external forms of payment
  • Travel rewards programs and other incentives
  • Gifts and donations
  • The use of organizational facilities, property and personnel
  • Gambling, betting and lotteries
  • Telephones, cars and credit cards
  • Handling ethics violations
Duration: 1 day workshop

How can Train4Career assist you in developing the Ethics Infrastructure?

Development of Ethics Infrastructure Every company should designate an individual or an office to guide the companys business ethics or responsibility initiative. We can help you define the function, responsibilities and reporting structure of your ethics infrastructure. Train4Career organizes Business Ethics Training Workshop in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, USA, California, New York and Middle East. We assist you in developing the Ethics Infrastructure. These Business Ethics Workshops provide an interdisciplinary forum for business leaders to explore the ethical dilemmas confronting the business community.

Development and Implementation of Customized Code Documentation

While generic code documents are readily available, they will not likely address the key issues and risks of your organization. Train4Career works closely with organizations to help them develop customized code documents - grounded in best practice research - that respond to the unique needs of an organizations markets and employees. We can also provide expert guidance and assistance in advancing the stage of code development to that of actual implementation.

Design and Delivery of Educational and Training Programs

Codes of conduct alone do not effectively promote responsibility and integrity in the workplace or sufficiently communicate a corporate commitment to integrity. Train4Career can develop and deliver comprehensive education and training programs - tailored to functional, management, and regional requirements - to increase employees abilities to understand and to apply the values and standards of an organization to situations that may arise in the workplace.

Course Outlines for 2-3 day Workshops available on request.

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