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Business Writing Skills

Our Business Writing Skills Training Workshop in Toronto will help you to produce well structured business documents and emails that are professional, get the message across and generate engagement.

Businesses use various methods of communication. Many of these methods still rely heavily on the written word, for example email and letter. Get the context of these written documents wrong and the message could be lost.

The Workshop has been designed to help anyone who needs to take notes or minutes at meetings, and wants to be able to prepare and present them to the highest standards.It takes you through understanding the role of a minute taker, the skills needed, and how to improve them. It shows you the different types of meetings, and the styles of minutes most suited to them. You get the chance to role play, and learn what to do before, during and after the meeting.

  1. 1. The Benefit of Writing Well
        - the difference between business and other types of written communication
        - the cost of poor writing skills
        - kinds of business writing email memos letters reports inquiries complaint letters

  2. 2. Different steps when writing
        - Preparing information
        - Researching information
        - Organizing information
        - Introducing the content
        - Writing a conclusion with impact
        - Preparing a correct final draft using spell checker and grammar checker proofreading

  3. 3. Punctuations
        - abbreviations
        - capitalizations
        - contractions
        - dates
        - intentation
        - italics
        - numbers
        - proof reading
        - spelling
        - symbols

  4. 4. Homonyms and Other Confused and Misused Words
        - common mistakes and how to easily avoid them Accept vs. except, all ready vs. already, and ascent vs. assent

  5. 5. Redundancy
        - removing unneeded words and wordy phrases
        - combining sentences that repeat information
        - revising sentences that begin with expletives

  6. 6. Word choice
        - Sexist language
        - racist language
        - Cliches
        - Pompous language
        - Jargon
        - Affection
        - Connotation
        - Denotation

Course Outlines for 2-3 day Workshops available on request.
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