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Critical Thinking & Problem Skills

Crital Thinking

This workshop examines critical thinking and problem solving in the context of global learning. It employs a plan-do-review structure to enable teachers to try out the critical thinking strategies to which they are introduced, applying them in their classrooms and reflecting on the impact.

We are all faced with problems - solving them effectively is an essential skill. In this problem solving training Workshop you will learn a systematic process for problem solving; understanding and resolving them. The programme uses an overall 'Plan, do, review' framework which helps you to learn quickly a range of simple but effective models. The tools introduced will help you to problem solve much more effectively.

Problem Solving

Our Critical Thinking & Problem Skills workshop in Toronto will offer you with a selection of tools and techniques that will help you improve your own problem solving as well as those you interact with regularly. This workshop relies on a variety of learning methods to help you develop this skill. Those methods include: discussion, hands-on problem solving practice sessions, some theory, and some opportunities for reflection on your own problem solving practices.

Course Outlines for 2-3 day Workshops available on request.

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