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Listening Skills

The training workshop concentrates on how to maximize your effectiveness by defining expectations, establishing ground rules and gives you a new confidence. Following topics are covered in this one day workshop

  1. 1. The importance of listening
        - Identify the difference between hearing and listening.
        - Increase your productivity by listening.
        - Use critical listening skills.
        - Recognize different listening problems.
        - Resist distractions while listening.

  2. 2. Powerful Listening
        - Types of listening
        - Asking the right questions (e.g.open-ended, closed-ended questions and when to use each)
        - Listening between the lines
        - Listening practice
        - Communicating with people you don't know well
        - Listening to challenging speakers such as nonstop talkers, monotone speakers, boring presenters, big mouths, etc.

  3. 3. Development of Listening Skills
        - The 3 components of listening Hearing
        - getting what the speaker is talking about Understanding
        - checking the information against your own knowledge Judging
        - deciding whether you believe the information or not

  4. 4. Body Language/Nonverbal Communication
        - nonverbal signals

Course Outlines for 2-3 day Workshops available on request.

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