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Managing Personal Career

One-day workshop for all audiences to build participants' ability to think about and assume their share of responsibility for their career development. They leave the workshop with a next step plan of action for achieving their career goals.

Learning Objectives:
  • Pinpoint personal styles and strengths and determine how they affect decision-making, behavior, self-acceptance, and perception of others
  • Analyze core personal values and elaborate the relationship of values to behavior
  • Discern how personal values and style correlates to successful career choices
  • Assess professional skills, competencies, and the abilities needed for selected careers and determine personal developmental needs
  • Begin the career planning and development process by analyzing your interest and formulate a personal career development action plan of achieving it
  • Who Am I and Why? Participants use a Personal Styles Inventory to learn how style preferences and strengths affect decision-making, behavior, self-acceptance, and the understanding of others.
  • What Do I Value? Participants complete a Values Questionnaire to analyze their core values. The facilitator leads a discussion regarding the relationship between values and personal style. Participants begin to explore the role these factors, and more, play in making career choices.
  • How Do Personal Values & Styles Influence My Career Choices? Applying what they have learned, participants complete various activities that help them determine career profiles, paths, and potential new interests.
  • How Do I Determine the Right Career for Me? Using a Career Management Worksheet, participants identify the skill and knowledge competencies required for their career choices and begin considering their personal development plan.
  • Where Do I Go for Advice? Participants formulate personal career action plans that include the identification of resources for coaching and advice.
  • All levels of employees
  • 1-4 participants per class (minimum - maximum)