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Negotition Skills

Train4Career offers Negotiation Skills Training Workshop and seminars in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, USA, California, New York and Middle East. Our Negotiation Skills Training Workshop can have a tremendous and positive impact on the future of how both you and members of your organization conduct negotiations. The training workshop concentrates on how to maximize your effectiveness by defining expectations, establishing ground rules and gives you a new confidence. Following topics are covered in this one day workshop

  1. 1. The Process Of Negotiation
    - The value of negotiating
    - How negotiating differs from selling
    - When selling stops and negotiation begins

  2. 2. How To Plan The Strategy
        - Targets
        - your bottom line and optimum aim
        - Tactics and objectives
        - Planned concessions
        - The limits of both parties' power
        - Establishing the climate
        - Pursuing a ‘win-win' outcome
        - Retaining flexibility

  3. 3. The Negotiation
    - Interpersonal skills and body language
    - Presenting your case
    - Opening bids and offers
    - Dealing with objections and rejections
    - Understanding the other side's needs and motivation

  4. 4. Clinching The Deal
    - Going for commitment
    - How to close
    - Developing a long term relationship and preparing the climate for future negotiations

  5. 5. Telephone Negotiation
    - Voice and personality projection
    - Using silence
    - Controlling the call
    - How to implement the negotiating process using the telephone

  6. 6. Give and take – the skill of negotiation
    - The importance of summarizing
    - Bargaining
    - Dealing with intimidating tactics
    - How to avoid deadlock or how to make deadlock work for you

Course Outlines for 2-3 day Workshops available on request.

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